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St. Malo aux Sept Îles


Inglese e Francese
Opuscolo con punto metallico, 35 x 45 cm

L’innovativo NV. Atlas cartaceo (35 x 45 cm) ottimizza l’ingombro della classica carta nautica con un prodotto comodo da sfogliare. Le carte nautiche sono consultabili anche mediante una App gratuita, compresa nella confezione, valida un anno dall'attivazione, facile da usare su tutti i dispositivi mobili e PC.


With St. Malo in Northern Brittany, FR3 offers an attractive starting point. Otherwise you should always watch out for the wind on this delightful coast with it’s beautiful beaches. In addition to the tidal range of almost 14m, unpleasant currents can trigger eddies that should not be underestimated. The recommended port is the Marina Saint-Quay-Portrieux with its 1030 berths. The approach there is independent of tides and weather (from the south-east and north-west) and possible both in daylight and at night. One follows the fairway concreting or the leading light lines. Saint-Quay-Portrieux is located on the Baie de Saint-Brieuc near Plouha, where at 104 meters there are the highest cliffs in Brittany.

Thanks to the clear structure, the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and is informed of important navigational details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced sheet cuts.

​This chart set contains

  • 3 Passage Charts
  • 10 Coastal Charts
  • 14 Details Charts
  • Code for the app
  • Digital charts & navigation programme
  • Navigation notes in English and French
  • Tide tables
  • Paper harbour plans & Digital
  • Meets legal requirements for up-to-date paper charts on board

NV Atlas chart format

NV Charts nautical charts are available in an outstandingly practical, handy atlas booklet format and thus offer many advantages over formats from other manufacturers. The nautical chart series have been designed by nautical experts and passionate water sports enthusiasts with the needs of recreational boating in mind.

The NV Atlas has a very flat staple binding in the middle, so that the course triangle can also be used there without any problems. This innovative development makes it possible to look up charts quickly and always have them in the best possible order at the same scale. The NV Atlas is delivered in a plastic cover protected against splash water. This modern nautical chart format is very popular on sailing boats as well as on motor yachts and is the preferred choice of many of our customers.

NV Charts navigation app

All NV Charts nautical charts also include an access code to the digital nautical charts in the NV Charts app and can thus be easily downloaded. The charts are valid for 365 days from activation and can be used for offline navigation with the NV Charts app on iOS, Android, PC and Mac or also in the web browser.

The NV Charts app is the ideal addition on mobile devices. With the app, you can already plan a detailed route at home and thus prepare for your journey in the best possible way in conjunction with the paper chart. The app is intuitive to use and, thanks to an identical map image, you can orientate yourself on paper and digitally in a matter of seconds. The most up-to-date information is essential to navigate safely on the water with your sailboat or motorboat.

With the NV Charts app, you now have the opportunity to become part of the chart community. You can mark harbours, anchorages and navigation warnings on the digital nautical chart and also add interesting places beyond navigation, such as restaurants, with pictures and comments and share your experiences with other users. In addition, the NV Charts app offers an automatic routing function, search and all navigation functions for GPS navigation with your phone or tablet. More information at:

More PC navigation apps: NV Verlag / NV Charts nautical charts can also be used in many other compatible PC navigation programs such as NV Chart Navigator or Open CPN.

Our recommendation:

As a further recommendation on this map set we advise you to take the FR4 to further conquer rugged but gorgeous Brittany. To the other side towards Normandy the FR2 is again the right travel companion. In addition we have excellent cruising guides that can accompany you on your journey through Brittany.

Containing maps and scales


C1 France - Atlantique 1: 1750.000 C2 Brittany - Ouest 1: 350.000 C3 Normandy - Ouest 1: 350.000

Area maps

C4 Les Sept Iles à St.Quay-Portrieux 1: 150.000 C5 Grand Léjon au Cap Fréhel - Jersey 1: 150.000 C6 Cap Fréhel à Jersey 1: 150.000 C7 Ile Grande à lIle Tomé 1: 45.000 C8 Ile Tomé aux Héaux-de-Bréhat 1: 45.000 C9 Les Héaux-de-Bréhat à LOst Pic 1: 45.000 C10 LOst Pic à la Pte. de Pordic 1: 45.000 C11 Pte. de Pordic au Cap dErquy 1: 45.000 C12 Cap dErquy à St. Cast 1: 45.000 C13 St. Cast à la Pte. du Meinga - St. Malo 1: 45.000


C14A Paimpol 1: 10.000 C14B Lézardrieux 1: 10.000 C14C Anse de Perros 1: 20000 C14D Ploumanach 1: 10000 C15 Le Jaudy -Tréguier 1: 20000 C16 Ile de Bréhat 1: 20000 C17A Portrieux 1: 25.000 C17B Binic 1: 10.000 C17C St. Brieuc 1: 10.000 C18A Dahouët 1: 10.000 C18B Erquy 1: 10.000 C19 St.Cast le Guildo à St.Briac sur Mer 1: 20.000 C20 St. Malo 1: 20.000 C21 La Rance 1: 20.000 General Notes p.22 Légende - Legend p.22 Tidel Stream Tables - Distances p.22

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