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Nicola Trentini<br/>Connie Chronopoulou
Nicola Trentini
Connie Chronopoulou

NICOLA TRENTINI, is from the Trentino region, north Italy. He has a wealth of experience as he has taught sailing for around 15 years and co-owned a yachting school in Italy. Nicola has sailed in the Atlantic, South Pacific and Mediterranean on Lycia, a 60’ sailing yacht. He has worked with Edizioni il Frangente for a number of years, first correcting the nautical charts of the Italian Navy’s Hydrographic Institute and currently authoring pilot guides. As part of this new adventure, he has been living in Greece since 2015 collecting data and information that make his pilots the height of reliability. 

CONNIE CHRONOPOULOU, is from Athens although she was born in the US. She graduated in computer informatics and speaks fluent Italian, English and French. She is passionate about the sea and is a qualified sailing and motor yacht skipper. Connie’s IT and nautical skills have enabled her both to co-author this pilot and to carry out the painstaking and highly technical work behind its design. She and Nicola live together on a sailing yacht in their quest for invaluable cruising information.