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The Galleon

Peter Kirsch

EDV 405
Conway Maritime Press
216 ill. b/n
205 x 270 mm
Cartonata con sovraccoperta
€ 53,00

The Great Ships of the Armada Era

The galleon is firmly associated in the public mind with Drake and the Spanish Main and the type has been subjected to many romantic reconstructions for films and museums; though most of the sea-going replicas have turned out to be poor sailers and miserable sea-boats - unlikely characteristics for ships which once circumnavigated the globe.

The strength of this new book by a German author is its international perspective and its use of new sources. Using documents, pictures and models from as far apart as Venice and Stockholm, Kirsch has summarised the current state of knowledge, and in passing dals not only with the technical details of the ships and their fittings, but also with contemporary armament, warfare and life at sea.

The work is directed towards the definitive reconstruction of a typical large warship of about 1610, setting out the design principles of the time and the techniques of construction and rigging.
While the book is of great value to medlmakers it also has a broader relevance to ship enthusiasts and historians interested in this important period for ship development.