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Ocean Passages and Landfalls

Rod Heikell & Andy O'Grady

GUI 96
II edizione 2009
380 ill. a colori
€ 65,09
€ 40,36

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Cruising routes of the world

​Ocean Passages and Landfalls' is a handbook for world cruisers. It provides invaluable passage-planning information for crossing the oceans, with discussions on climates, seasons, oceanography and the merits of different world cruising routes. The heart of the book is an ocean-by-ocean round-up, and at the beginning of each of these sections is a description of routes, followed by information on the countries relevant to these routes. Details of formalities and regulations are then followed by essential information on key harbours and landfalls.

This second edition has been thoroughly revised and enlarged and now features new sections on chosen areas and topics - the Atlantic Circuit or Cruising on Ice, for instance. Here the opportunity has been taken to provide more informal commentary and observations based on first-hand experience. These sections are illustrated by the author's colour photographs, many of which have been taken during the production of this new edition and sent in from far-flung parts of the oceans- Rod Heikell in the South Pacific and the Torres Strait, and Andy O'Grady in Brazil and the high latitudes of Chile.

As an up-to-date reference for world cruising this new edition of 'Ocean Passages and Landfalls' sets the benchmark as both a practical reference and also as a book for dreamers.


I have recently been planning a voyage from Trinidad to New Zealand using Ocean Passages and Landfalls by Rod Heikell and Andy O'Grady. The book has been an exceptional resource. The mass of information on a wealth of subjects is excellent. The layout is beautifully put together and very accessible. The pilotage and chartlets will be invaluable. The book will certainly be travelling with me and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anybody who is planning ocean voyaging.

Theresa Kewell
S/Y Mr Blue

Rod Heikell
Rod Heikell
Neozelandese di origine, muove i primi passi nel mondo della vela navigando attorno alle sue coste a bordo di svariate barche. Si cimenta anche in alc...
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